A bow and arrow are only as good as the archer using it.  To maintain a strong draw, you’ve got to maintain your overall physical health.  You can use a stabilizer to help steady your aim, but the muscles do the work needed, at that’s where the strength must be.  To get the most from your shoulder muscles, those in the upper back – rhomboids, levator scapulae, the trapezius, and others in that group, you’ve got to have a plan that will help you develop and maintain your physique.   The folks at 24hour Fitness understand how important muscle strength is to athletes, whether you’re training for a match, or just going for your personal best.  They offer memberships in their nationwide locations that include personal trainers who can give you the one-on-one training you need to build up and protect those key muscle groups used for archery like your rotator cuff muscles.  Core muscles – back abdomen, hips, pelvis are put into play with nearly every move you make on the range or in everyday life.  Understanding how to keep them in top condition is crucial to becoming a better marksman.

If you’ve been dropping hints about getting into archery and want to get your body ready for the sport, be sure to ask for a membership to 24Hour Fitness.  They offer flexible hours and convenient payment plans for your membership.  And when you add the convenience of a money saving Groupon, you can save money on the memberships they offer.  Right now, there’s a deal that saves you $25 off discounted personal training sessions that can be used online or instore.  Just present the appropriate code when you sign up, and the discount will be reflected in your final total.  There’s no fees to pay Groupon, no memberships to join and it’s open to anyone who can use a computer and wants to save money.

There’s an added benefit to having a membership at 24Hour Fitness, and that’s the amenities they offer.  Swimming pools, hot saunas – are great to get into to soothe and ease your tired muscles at the end of the workout.   Studio classes are included in each membership, and there’s no appointments required.  You just show up and work out.