How to Choose the Best Recurve Bow?


The recurve bow is a weapon and hunting tool that has been around for many years. Though it has a classic design and does not rely heavily on advanced technology, many hunters and archers prefer a recurve bow. They require a certain level of skill to master a shot, and true archers enjoy the challenge that a recurve bow offers.

Recurve bows

Each activity should require its own bow for maximum results. This is not saying you can’t use one bow for all activities; this just means that particular bows work well in target practice, however, aren’t as efficient while hunting. That being said, it’s important to know the different types of bows and determine the best one for your needs.


Features; The bow needs to be quiet. This is crucial when hunting. Other needs are ensuring the draw weight, and length are appropriate. Last is to have easy transportation for it preferably. This one is a suggestion, but not necessarily a requirement. Takedowns are ideal for this. Takedown recurve bows allow you to quickly detach the limbs, that way you can store it in a case.

Target Shooting

Features: The bow should have a smooth draw to have the most accurate shooting possible. It should also be full of power. That being said, having a heavier bow does not equate to a more powerful shot. If the bow is too heavy for your build, then your hands will shake, and your aim will be off. Be sure to determine the correct draw weight for your body type. See more.


Features: Definitely needs tons of power; however it also needs minimal vibration. Having grips is also key to ensuring the bow is stable in your hands. Last would be to have an ultra-accurate arrow rest. Of course, not only do you need to look at the activity use of the bow, but you also need to look at your experience. If you are a beginner archer, you may want to start off with a target shooting bow. Even if your end goal is to start hunting, it may be easier for you to start off with something a little easier to handle and then work your way up to a more advanced bow.

If you want to start off with hunting recurve bow, the next item to review is pricing. There are several hunting recurve bows that you can look at and you can either decide to buy the more expensive bow, therefore only buy once, or you can choose to start with a more inexpensive bow, practice with that, and then later buy a more expensive bow. Other areas to look at when choosing the best recurve bow are: Draw weight, Draw length and Eye dominance


These are all key to your success as an archer. It’s like choosing a running shoe if you’re a runner. Choosing one that is too small, big, wide or narrow can hurt your foot or interfere with your success as a runner. There are many different methods to do all three of the above areas, but we won’t go into detail here. Just know that you need to look at these first, and then look at actual recurve bows. Learn more details at: and to learn how to make your own recurve bow check out


Draw Strength from Fitness

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Choosing The Right Recurve Bow For You


For centuries, the recurve bow has been popular and now it is still highly regarded among archers. This is because of its quality for both target archery as well as hunting, to really get a feel for nature the best thing to do is make your own recurve bow, you can learn more here.

Choose Hand Preference

When selecting your recurve bow, the first thing you will need to do is determine your hand preference.

For most people, this should be a fairly obvious and simple step. Right-handed archers will often use the traditional right-handed shooting method of holding the bow in the left hand and drawing back the bowstring with the right. Using this hold will also mean that you will be aiming with your right eye.

Naturally, the complete reverse is true for the traditional left-handed shooting technique. You would hold the bow in the right hand while drawing back with the left and aiming with the corresponding eye.

While these two techniques will work fine for most archers, some people are cross-dominant. This means that their dominant eye is opposite their dominant hand.

When faced with the dilemma of how to go about shooting when all of the dominants do not match up, it is common for the archer to hold the bow whichever way feels more comfortable in the hands, and make a slight alteration to their aiming technique.

When aiming you will want to close your dominant eye.

For example, a dominant cross person who holds the bow right handed, yet who’s dominant eye is the left will want to learn to close his left eye when he aims and only uses the right. If they were both kept often, he might find his dominant eye will influence the aim, and he will be shooting slightly to the right.

Choose Your Draw Length

Next, you will need to determine a proper and suitable draw length.

Draw Length is simply the distance from where your arrow is knocked on the string at full draw, to the front of the bow. The correct draw length for you can be determined by a simple formula.

The measure (or have a friend measure) your arm span from the fingertips of one hand to the fingertips of the other hand. Just stand naturally with your arms out to your sides. Don’t stretch your arms out as far as you can, or you may end up with an incorrect draw length.

If you are unable to perform the measurement, you can simply use your height instead. It won’t be as accurate, but most people have an arm span approximately equal to their height.

Once you have this measurement, simply divide it by 2.5 to determine your draw length. The result will be in the same unit of measurement you used to measure the arm span.

Just to give you some frame of reference, a typical 6′ man will have a draw length between 28 and 29 inches.

Choose Your Draw Weight

Lastly, it is important to pick a draw weight that matches your body type, and that also match your shooting style too, it is very necessary to consider this before choosing a recurve bow.

The draw weight of a bow is simply how much force it will take to pull the bowstring back to your full draw length.


Many archers prefer a more traditional recurve bow over the modern compound bow, and for some reason. A common feeling among archers is that a recurve bow allows you to more easily connect with the essence of archery, rather than getting caught up in the technology. Visit:

Popular Archery Bows and Accessories

From a recurve bow riser to bolts, there are a dozen different accessories for archery lovers today. You have to have the best bows and accessories to match so that you can get more from your archery lessons. However, do you know the type of bows you should be using or the accessories you might need? For many beginners they have no clue as to the type of items they’ll need when it comes to archery. Read on to find out a little more.

Popular Archery Brands

If you are in the market for new archery bows and want to stick to a popular name, you might want to consider Hoyt, Bear, or Martin. These are amongst the most popular brand names today and they really have many expert bows available too. Also visit our top article here for more information. For most beginners they are going to get more for their money when they buy a suitable archery bow. A lot of people choose a recurve bow for archery and it’s important to find something that will compliment your skills. You do not want to choose a bow that is far too big for you to handle or doesn’t quite suit your archery needs. There are many different types of bows available and they are all certainly very different from one another.


Popular Archery Bows and Accessories

Bow Sights and Stabilizers

When it comes to choosing suitable accessories for archery bows you have to think about what will actually enhance your archery experience. For instance, will a bow sight assist you when it comes to aiming? Will a stabilizer be a more useful tool for those who are struggling to get a steady aim? These accessories are truly some of the very best equipment today and really they make excellent accessories for anyone who plans to take up archery. You can also find a recurve bow riser is a nice little accessory to have too. Most people will find the accessories are the things that assist them in their archery pursuits.

Does It Matter Which Bows Or Accessories You Use?

Despite what you might believe, the type of bows you use as well as the accessories will make every bit of difference. If you start off archery with a bow that doesn’t quite suit your needs or skills then you could end up failing miserably before you have even gotten started! It’s a real waste and, in truth, it will matter greatly over which bows and accessories you use. It doesn’t matter if you use a recurve bow or another, if it isn’t for you, it will impact your archery skills. In the end of the article if you need to read more you should visit this link: here. That’s why you have to take the time to find the very best bows for you today.

Always Find the Best Bows

When you are thinking about taking up archery, it is time to get out there and see what bows are available. Some of them are not going to work for you and others will but you’ll never know until you try. Far too many people don’t think about searching the market and end up with a bow and accessories that don’t quite fit the bill! It’s not what you need and really it’s not ideal either. If you’re buying a recurve bow, why not add a recurve bow riser too?

you could also craft your own accessories for your bow using the tools and techniques shown on this website.

Choosing a Bow for Bow Hunting

Should you choose a recurve bow to go bow hunting? For most, they truly don’t know which way to turn when it comes to choosing a new bow for their hunting needs and it’s troubling. The problem is that there are quite a few bows available for hunters and when you’re just starting out in this field, it can easily get confusing. This is a problem thousands face each and every day; however, there are many simple methods to help you choose a good bow for bow hunting.

Find a Suitable Beginners Bow

When it comes to bow hunting, users need to start off with a bow that is comfortable to them and best for their exact needs. For instance, if you have been bow hunting before or are looking to upgrade your previous model, you should choose one that is suited to your level or skill experience. Total beginners really need to start off with a basic model so that they can get to grips with the bow and can easily use it too. If you need to know best information on-line visit this link: here. Advanced hunters may want to find a bow suited to their needs. This will help whether you’re choosing the best recurve bow or another. If you don’t find a bow suited to your level it’ll be troublesome to get to grips with using the bow. As a beginner you can really get to know your bow and how a bow works by crafting your own, to learn how look here.

Choosing a Bow for Bow Hunting

Why Not Choose A Recurve Bow?

To be honest, the recurve is one of the most popular hunting bows available today and for good reason too. When you choose a recurve you will find it has a shorter firing range but having said that, it really does pack a punch from a short distance. This is one of the most effective hunting bows today and really it’s highly popular too. When you buy the best recurve bow you can enjoy how easy the bow is to use and how it offers so much to users everywhere.

Understand What Your Budget Is

Sometimes, you have to go with your budget and what you can afford. Now, a lot of people think choosing a hunting bow is easy enough but if you don’t take the time to think about it, you could make the mistake of choosing the wrong bow. You have to understand how much money you actually have available to spend so that you can come up with a suitable amount to spend. When you do this, you can look at the various bows and find the one that suits you most. If you like to read more you should click here for more content. You want a good recurve bow and while these are not too expensive you want to ensure the right one is found. Hammering out a budget will prove useful.

Choose Wisely

It would be so simple to say choose any bow for bow hunting and that’s the job done but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that! When you are in the market for a new bow you have to think very carefully as to why you are using the bow for and take a good look at the various options on the market too. You have to look at a wide variety of bows so that you can find the very best. Find the best recurve bow and enjoy bow hunting today.

Are You The One To Hunt With A Recurve?

Do you like the idea of using a recurve hunting bow but aren’t sure if this is suitable for you? To be honest, there are a lot of people in the exact same boat as you and the problem is that far too many don’t really know which bow is for them. When it comes to bow hunting, a lot of people struggle to find the right bow for them and it’s troubling to say the least. Are you the one to hunt with a recurve? Not sure? Why don’t you read on and find out a few things about a recurve—it might help make up your mind!

The Recurve Bow Is Lightweight and Very Powerful

When you are hunting in very close quarters you are going to find the recurve really does pack one massive punch! With short distances you are sure to find that the recurve hunting bow is the ideal solution simply because it’s light but very powerful indeed. What’s more, since this offers a nice lightweight feel, you really shouldn’t be struggling with this bow. It’s amazing to see just how powerful the bows are even at a short distance. You will also love just how easy it is to move around with the bow. It’s light and if you have some other items of equipment with you, you don’t want to be pulling around a heavy bow too. Having a recurve is going to ensure there is one less heavy item on your back!

Are You The One To Hunt With A Recurve

Highly Accurate

No one wants to take a bow with them on a hunting trip only to find it’s inaccurate. Accuracy is an important factor when it comes to hunting simply because it can actually be the difference between life and death. With a recurve bow you can actually get great accuracy. If you want to know more you can visit our best article here. This is ideal and really it’s going to help make your hunting a lot easier in many ways. Having a highly accurate bow is really quite important and something more will find to be of good use as well.

Durable and Very Reliable

Recurve bows are truly one of the best hunting bows available today! You are going to find these are not only highly reliable but extremely durable too and that will make all the difference. Having a recurve hunting bow that is reliable will help to ensure the bow makes every shot count. What’s more, the bow is really quite durable too which means it’ll last longer. This is what more and more people want and need. Plus, if you have a durable bow it will stand the test of time. If you are concerned about durability you can buy from the best brands or you can make your own using the best woods, the techniques you need are taught here.

Recurve Offers Hunters a Good Tool

While you might not really think about choosing new bows, it will be very important to choose the right one for you. Bow hunting takes up a lot of time and effort and without the right tools everything can easily go wrong. This isn’t what you want so you have to take the time to find a bow that works for you. In the end of the article visit this url: for extra information.